Frequently asked questions

Where is Cocio produced?

Home for a Cocio is Esbjerg in Denmark. That’s where our factory is located. The Cocio Milkshakes are made at Arla Dairy – that’s also in Esbjerg.

When was Cocio founded?

Cocio was founded by a nice guy called Anker Pallesen on January 2nd 1951.

Does Cocio have a high fat content?

No – actually there is only 2% fat in our Cocio Classic and only 1% fat in our Cocio One.

And the sugar content?

The sugar content is 10g/100g in a Cocio Classic and 5,7g/100g in our Cocio One. Just enough to make life sweet.

Which ingredients can I find in a Cocio Classic and where do the ingredients come from?

Since 1951, we have produced our Cocio Classic chocolate milk in the exact same way – with only three natural ingredients, milk, cocoa and sugar. Milk comes from Danish farmers and fresh milk is delivered to Cocio every day. The sugar comes from either Denmark or Germany and the cocoa is the very best UTZ certified cocoa from Africa.

What does it mean that Cocio is sterilised?

To sterilise a Cocio means that we heat-treat our products after it is poured into the packaging- either in cans or in glass bottles. By doing this we get the famous delicious Cocio flavour and at the same time, we ensure that no bacteria can grow in our products. The heat treatment is a cooking process, where the products are cooked for about 20 minutes. After this process, a Cocio can stay on the shelf for over 2 years and that’s without using any nasty additives.

Writing a paper on Cocio?

Luckily, we get a lot of emails from students wanting to write a paper on Cocio. Unfortunately, we do not have any written materials we can send you and therefore, encourage you to browse our website, public databases and the Internet in general.

We wish you all the best with your paper!

Why are there no deposits on your Cocio bottles?

We have tried multiple times to become part of the deposit system, but this is unfortunately not up to us. We would like to have our Cocio glass bottles included, but we have not yet been accepted due to our milk-based product that leaves traces of milk in the bottles. But if you remember to throw your empty Cocio bottles in the glass container then 100% of the bottle will be re-used.